R’U’OK Day


Today is R’U’Okay day … it is a wonderful idea I suppose but as someone who has struggled with serious depression for most of my life it just seems like another feel good rather than anything meaningful. Seriously … although I have been reasonably ‘stable’ for about 5 years...

LOC50 :: Milk & Lactose Part II


Take over the train at Columbia and drive to Goodman Lactose. Leave the milk wagons on the running line for the local pilot to place. Pick up the louver wagons and work your way to Port Hunter Yard. Uncouple the louver wagons and place the loco in the loco...

Site setup


You will have noticed that the work-in-progress coding has been removed and that it is all back to a straight WordPress site. Simply it was taking too long, wasn’t going to be finished in any foreseeable time frame and was just too hard. No doubt there are some bits...

LOC49 :: Milk & Lactose Part I


Climb aboard your loco. Take it to the turntable and reverse it.  Then drive it to the other end of the yard and couple up to the loaded milk wagons When it is your turn, depart for Glenavy. Pick up some empty wagons for Freidman Forest and then depart...

RBR defunct


Well I waited for T:ANE to be sure, it totally did not excite me, as far as I can see it is pretty much just TS12 with a new game engine. Writing RBR style Activities in it would be ted-i-arse in the extreme and writing a compiler for it...

F-unit Crosses the Union Pacific Main Line

F-unit Crosses the Union Pacific Main Line


LOC48 :: Coal for the Norris Green Dairy


The  Dairy at Norris Green is desperately short of coal. Your job for today is  to remedy  that problem by supplying a train load of coal. Pick up the empties at Altona and take them to Goldex Mine. Load them, loading will be checked,  complete your load with other...