Bridle Track Adventure

Bridle Track Hill End Side

We had not had a fun drive for a while and the Bridle Track was always a ‘gunna' so we wandered off via Sofala to Hill End to do the track from that end. We had a very nice lunch at the Royal Hotel had a local magpie begrudge us every morsel but it was all quite pleasant.

Hill end sign

Before lunch we went up to the Beuafoy Merlin lookout, spectacular view, just do not take an extra step because it is a long way down!

Merlins Lookout Hill End
Merlins Lookout Hill End

After lunch it was off the the track … Bridle not Bridal, the name came because people travelling had to lead their horses by the bridal as it was so narrow. Wider these days but still it is a narrow twisty trip.

The start of the track at Hill End
Looking down from Hill End

The drive was quite fun, one thing that was amusing was the information signs that had

< Hill End 10km … Bathurst 52km >

Problem was that each and every sign the arrows were pointing in the wrong direction, if you managed to become confused after a stop and just took the sign at face value you would go the wrong way. Granted it is pretty much a start at one end and pop out at the other but you would think that the arrows would actually relate to the direction of travel.

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  1. Thanks, Larry. Great to see you both getting out and about. Nice to see the photos of the two of you and to put a “face to a name”. Best wishes – Peter

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