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At the Welcome to Bathurst March 2024
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Welcome to Bathurst March 2024

Went to the Welcome to Bathurst today (second time) to make new resident aware of the Bathurst JP Desk at Bathurst City Centre, had a…

Bridle Track Hill End Side
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Bridle Track Adventure

We had not had a fun drive for a while and the Bridle Track was always a ‘gunna’ so we wandered off via Sofala to…

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Rest Good Boy – Oscar

We lost our old friend Oscar today, he is at peace and hopefully running around with all of our other furry friends. He had a…

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Old and well….

From FB I Miss The Good Old Days

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Do you remember?

Always the favourite….. poor coyote

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Get well Greg!!!

Just been informed that Greg (Shutter) the creator of Razorback Railway is currently being treated for cancer. As usual Greg is super positive and so…

Queen Elizabeth II
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Vale Queen Elizabeth II

Well it is the end of an era, a woman who promised to serve us all has passed doing her duty until the end. Best…

Marine Sergeant
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The Teacher

A former Sergeant in the Marine Corps took a new job as a high school teacher.  Just before the school year started, he injured his…

Trainz TRS22
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TRS22 Summary

Please note: This is my opinion, your mileage will be different As mentioned in the shout box I went and purchased the TRS22 Plus from…

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Vale LocoOne (Norm Guy)

Was advised today that Norm has passed away peacefully during December, one of the most prolific scenario authors for the old Razorback Railway he brought…