Trainz & RBR

Need to remind people that RBR is gone. The DVD & Norm's scenarios are still available for download as a service to Trainz users but I am not able to provide any support or answer any questions.

This especially applies to installing stuff on newer versions of Trainz. RBR was based on TRS2004 we also supported TRS2006 but the newer versions of Trainz have never been really tested by the RBR crew though TS12 was loosely compatible. If you need help you would need to ask people on the Trainz Forums.

The last time I tinkered with doing session based RBR like scenarios it was very unsatisfying, there are all sorts of pretty widgets, nice graphics but a driving story style simulation which was what RBR was all about is still not really supported. For example, if you remember, when driving a passenger train in RBR and you were stopping at a station it would ping you for short/over stopping, moving while passengers were embarking/disembarking and so on, the scenario author only needed to put some variables into the station stop class call and the RBR code handled everything and returned to the story line when the stop was completed. Doing this as a rule with the variables required would be a right royal PITA and that is simply one function of the RBR story support code I wrote.

The current ‘2019' version looks very nice, but I do not even have a computer capable of running it, the amount of work required to build the base rules necessary would be more than the whole RBR project and the base of that original work took about three years of coding

I hope everyone is well and enjoying life as best you can, I miss all of the RBR Crew & Drivers immensely it was a fun time!