2020 The year that was(n’t)


Well this year has been seriously unfun! With Covid-19, rising tensions with China, crazy people in charge over in the United States the whole world has seemed to spiral into a much more unfriendly place. Where humanity is going and what we are doing to the planet seems to be heading in the direction that we will cause our own extinction, and take most of the biomass with us down the gurgler.

Helen & myself are still adjusting to being in town, although it still hurts the longing to go back to the bush has pretty much dissipated. We have continued to work on the house/yard lately we removed the rotting pergola and replaced it with a shed which allowed me to move my tools etc out from the garage, making parking the chariot easier and others under the house. We also turned a wet spot up the back into a crushed rock area the people at Bunnings even took pity and gave us a discount on the last load of Salt & Pepper rocks the Sportage was seriously down at the back at seven bags a trip.

Oscar, the kelpie, continues to be a bit lost without ‘his' property. Luckily we have a large dog permitted park (Hector Park) just across from us he has an alarm clock set for his morning and afternoon patrol. No excuses are allowed he must do his patrols. He is starting to show his age though, and having issues with arthritis so he is on glucosamine & fish oil pretty much like us.

Apart from tinkering with the site here have pretty much not done any coding there just doesn't seem to be anything that captures my interest, seriously miss tinkering with Razorback Railway as well but there is no way that I would want to work with the current ‘Trainz' even just running a session is yuk get me out of here assuming you can even manage to get past the asset errors.

The only thing I am doing these days, apart from Oscar's patrols, is that I man the Bathurst JP Community Desk. Helen is still running the office for a local Repco mechanic three days a week. We are safe and comfortable which is better than a lot of less fortunate people.

Best wishes to everyone for Xmas and hopefully a better 2021