Razorback Railway

These files only work on TRS2004 & TRS2006. They will not work with any other version of Trainz.

Larry Lewis aka Jenolan

RBR is now officially dead, Trainz since TRS2004 is Activity unfriendly and using Sessions is a PITA. Also, even DLS content that shows as totally valid fails when running session that are also on the DLS. Too Bad, So Sad. Blog post (click).

The list of downloads below relate to TRS2004 (preferred) and TRS2006 download and enjoy if you are able.

Click the relevant zip collection of Norm's Activities since the compendium was issued (ie LOC25 thru LOC58).

The deadman button to press is F8 (that's function key 8)

LocoOne (Norm Guy) Scenarios not on DVD

These are the scenarios Norm wrote after the DVD was created. Rest easy Norm.

Installing TRS2004 Windows 10/11

In order to run TRS2004 (or TRS2006) on the latest windows you need to perform a few changes to the ‘EXE' files that run Trainz.

  1. Go to C:\program files (x86)\Auran\TRS2004 with windows explorer
  2. Right Click on TRS2004.exe
  3. Click in the ‘Compatibility' tab
  4. Select ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for:'
  5. In the drop down select “Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
  6. Click the ‘Run this program as an administrator'
  7. Click ‘OK'

The ‘Configure Trainz' option needs fiddling as well. This is what works for me, you may need to twiddle the settings from one to another and restart multiple times to have the launcher work.

  • Use OpenGL
  • Display resolution 1024×768
  • Bit Depth 32

RBR Compendium
RBR Compendium

The Compendium is no longer available as a DVD due to cost issues. You can download it here, the DVD artwork is also available to print onto your DVD if desired.

Installation TRS2004

Download the zip, unpack, go to the directory created click ‘TRS2004 Installation'

Installation TRS2006

Download the zip, unpack, go to the directory, then open the directory ‘TRS2006' view the ‘readme.txt' file

View TLR Codes

This lists unlock codes for ‘Living Railway' scenarios


The help documents are in the TRS2006 directory ‘Documents'

Size: 1.37g

Right click and ‘save image as' to use the DVD image below;

RBR Development System

The zip contains all of the TRS2004/TRS2006 development code/builder for RBR Activities.

No Support … you will need to run with Windows XP mode and run as administrator to do compilations


Size: 15m