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Planet of the PUGS

Oh Yeah! How about Dogzilla

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In Canada

Nice song huh! From Mashable … Things sure are nice up there in Canada, eh? Astronaut Chris Hadfield definitely thinks so. In honor of Canada’s…

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Chop chop

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Dinner Time

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Fuel Prices

Given that Mr Rabbit & his merry crew are upping the price of fuel excise and udder stuff and I saw a complaint form someone…

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Don’t argue with idiots

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Trainz TS2 and whatever

Why did you leave Trainz Auran/N3V/whatever have always been more concerned with the graphical environment rather than the driving elements. Most people do not want…

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This is not RBR

It seems some people have a mistaken view of what this site “Jenolan’s CESS” is all about. This is my personal site where posts are…

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JSON RPC Authentication Extended

In what I am working on for Greg at ChannelPace I have need to start building an API system. After a great deal of looking…