I weakened and bought T:ANE for Mac .. I do not have any Windoze boxes, my last license went to Norm so what I am going to do is totally ignore the ‘Community Edition' when I receive my DVD for the T:ANE/Mac I will load it. If I like it I may write some code, if I don't like it it will go into the bin and I will never bother with Trainz ever again.

If (big if!) it seems nice I might tinker with it … I doubt hugely that I will try and resurrect the Living Railway or RazorBack simply because I can't see devoting the mega quantities of time to put stuff together. I notice that they reckon the old initial scenario layout is back all tarted up…. If it is and it works I might write some test stuff BUTT I am already hugely overloaded and have been quite a bit insane lately so do not expect anything.

Well .. unless this T:ANE thing feels like TRS2004 then all bets are off