Hobbit :: Battle of the three armies

Helen & I went to watch the latest Lord of the Rings move .. the third of the ‘Hobbit' series, in 3D no less as I was watching I just could not help but compare the 3D effects with Trainz. It is a sad litany when watching a movie that Trianz comes to mind, but bear with me at one point Legolas is talking to his father (just before the eagles show up), in a normal wide screen the speakers fade in and out of focus but the whole idea of the 3D is that you can see both, but for some reason Legolas's father is blurred when he is talking and vise-versa. This to me is just being slack, Legolas should have been in the 3D foreground and his father in the background all in focus, why didn't they … shit who cares the numnutz paying will not notice so let's just leave it and fug 'em who see it is crap.

That has always been the issue (since TRS2004) … fug something doesn't work right .. well shit tough. Did you see it with the T:ANE/CE it aint to find weird errors, heck let's see how many idjits can install it and get something half working. It is the all to often pointy haired boss approach to the universe.

Anyway, back to the movie … sigh … as the third instalment of the smallest book in the ‘Middle Earth' story line it was not bad, the three movies compared to the books, well fail, but as a story quite watchable. Shame they didn't do the same with the three bigger books for the actual ‘Lord of the Rings', I especially missed Bombadil how could it be canon without him.

Back to T:ANE … please do not construe my previous message to mean that I will do any ‘real' work for it, at best, if it works, I will tinker and perhaps build an Activity. if that works I might do some more … BUTT I would need to feel as excited as when I started playing with TRS2004 and that is a huge ask!

Be well my friends, hope you had a safe and happy XMAS and wish all a Happy New Year