Spring has Sprung’d

Well we are into spring again, no doubt still some cold weather to go out this way but this winter hasn't been super cold we only went through about four cubic meters of wood this year and didn't even light the second slow combustion heater. I think the coldest was about -6° we did have a few days where we didn't hit double digits but overall a quite pleasant winter. The last month or so, much more importantly, we have had a fair bit of rain. The big dam is at about 80% and the smaller one probably 75%, the big water tank is full and the three house tanks are reasonable, will have to transfer some water from the big tank to the house ones (make a note Larry).

As would be expected the weeds are really starting to kick off so will need to start spraying shortly, though I have to finish splitting one lot of wood before that, we have to really get stuck in spraying, wood cutting & splitting before it gets too dry otherwise it is a fire risk. This year we have out fire tanker finished and simply hook it up to the tractor or truck and away we go so that's a major plus this summer we can jump on anything burning really quickly.

On the home front, Pamela is back with us and attending CSU doing accounting, so far she is really doing well with High Distinctions being the lowest of her scores since starting at he beginning of the year, she is thinking of going into auditing when finished, pretty exciting.

Spike our female conure (don't ask we thought she was a boy) was bashed by the bachelors and was terribly torn up, after some tender loving care from Pamela she is now inside in our other cage and hopefully will recover, almost her entire neck was ripped open, reckon someone was being overly macho with her, we lost her mother a few years ago from the same sort of thing, funny critters. The dogs are all well and happy, Barney Trouble the Basenji has totally settled down after his previous owners going to put him down so the count is;

  • 3 Dogs
    • Oscar (Trocious Sook)
    • Lucy (the bitch)
    • Barney (Trouble)
  • 6 Chooks, four getting really old and cranky like me
  • 3 Male Green Cheek Conures + Spike
  • 19 goldfish
  • bunch of ewe's with their lambs
  • heaps of wildlife

I am still hugely busy with Greg's Channelpace project spent a bit of time in between over the last few days updating Jenolan (ie here) so it looks like we will all be busy indefinitely. Oh yes, I do miss Trainz but not the aggravation.