Greg and myself are in Albury today, talking about his channelpace system, this time I drive down from home and Greg caught the local VicRail .. apart from me probably getting a speeding ticket from one of those cars that park on the side of the road, you know the ones that book you when everyone else has overtaken you it was just a long drive … naturally missing the roo's when I left at 0530 was an issue.

I got to book the rooms this time, I did it via last minute and after I did the booking I asked for a map, so I printed that, got to Albury, Greg was late (he blamed the train) and we drove to the hotel, I went into the one it said on the map and presented my booking, they didn't know me I said but I printed the booking and the map and handed it to the receptionist, she took it into the office, after a few minutes she came back and told me that we were in the wrong motel … d'oh oh my did Greg give it to me … I will get even fer sher!