Hunting Wabbits …er … Rabbits

Paddy went rabbit hunting with the village pastor.

Paddy watched with fascination as the pastor held his finger over a rabbit hole and soon, out popped a rabbit.

The pastor grabbed it and put it in his sack.

He repeated this weird but successful technique until his sack was full of rabbits.

Paddy couldn't resist.

“What are ya doin', Pastor?”

The pastor replied, “Before I go rabbit hunting, I insert my finger in my wife's vagina. Rabbits can't resist the smell. Then, when they come out, I grab 'em.”

Paddy rushed home to find his wife Maureen bent over scrubbing the kitchen floor. He lifted her skirt and applied his finger as directed.

Without glancing up, Maureen giggled: “Holy Moses, Pastor! Rabbit hunting again?!”