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  • Jenolan : Yeah people talk talk talk about supporting Oz but when it comes to actually doing something that's way too hard
  • shenley : Thanks, Larry, it's a great cause although donations seem to have stalled a bit at the moment. Stay warm and safe. Regards, Peter
  • Jenolan : Heya Peter, finally made my kick in as well, hope it works!
  • shenley : Thanks for the Australian Made info, Larry, we totally agree. A donation is on its way to them. Regards, Peter
  • shenley : Thanks for the info, Larry. Donation
  • Jenolan : New C&C is nice but I want FireStorm
  • Jenolan : RBR::The deadman button to press is F8 ... that's function key 8
  • Jenolan : Waiting for C&C remastered to unlock .... being very patient ... NOT
  • Jenolan : Shoutbox back again