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  • shenley : All OK for me. Regards, Peter
  • Jenolan : If you have an issue registering send me a contact, a number of email address blocks and other measures have been implemented.
  • Jenolan : Register option is now enabled, sorry forgot it was off for use with aMember
  • Jenolan : The "Think" image now will expand if you click on one to see my wit (half right) in all its gory.
  • shenley : Norm said he was trying to instal the latest version of Skype and it all went “pear shape”. Now he can’t even delete or uninstall Skype.
  • Jenolan : Great to hear, usually I would send Norm some spare parts to fix his computer but these days that's all gone too...
  • shenley : "behaving himself". He laughed. Then he went off to bingo.
  • shenley : Just spoke to Norm Guy down at his nursing home in Victoria. He sounded like his usual happy self and said that he was well and they still had plenty of activities there even though they are locked down. His eyesight is still not good but he is coping. He is having some problems with his computer but is not allowed to have anybody come in to have a look at it. He wished to be remembered to all his RBR friends. I told him I would check up on him in a few weeks to make sure he was "behaving himsel
  • Jenolan : Yeah people talk talk talk about supporting Oz but when it comes to actually doing something that's way too hard
  • shenley : Thanks, Larry, it's a great cause although donations seem to have stalled a bit at the moment. Stay warm and safe. Regards, Peter
  • Jenolan : Heya Peter, finally made my kick in as well, hope it works!
  • shenley : Thanks for the Australian Made info, Larry, we totally agree. A donation is on its way to them. Regards, Peter
  • shenley : Thanks for the info, Larry. Donation
  • Jenolan : New C&C is nice but I want FireStorm
  • Jenolan : RBR::The deadman button to press is F8 ... that's function key 8
  • Jenolan : Waiting for C&C remastered to unlock .... being very patient ... NOT
  • Jenolan : Shoutbox back again