Fuel Prices

Given that Mr Rabbit & his merry crew are upping the price of fuel excise and udder stuff and I saw a complaint form someone in the USA about high fuel prices and thought that I should do some comparisons on the price of fuel.

The price that is being charged in the USA (averaged) is US$3.63 per US gallon at the pump, that's US$0.95 per litre or AUD$1.04 including tax (again average) of AUD$0.14 per litre made up of Federal, State and local fuel taxes. The day I started this the average Sydney fuel price (from the NRMA) was $1.42 of which $0.47 is tax before tax that is about oh lets see $0.95 a litre considering that the taxed equivalent in the USA is AUD$1.04 we seem to be paying $0.05 more a litre to the oil companies and the taxes being over 300% higher already!

We are often told that we need to ‘compete' on a level playing field against other countries, but if the fuel which is used almost everywhere is 50% more expensive it makes the argument of fairness a hollow laugh. But I do not suppose we should whinge too much a litre of fuel across the ditch is running at about AUD$2.08 ouch and all dat huh.