Contact Sheets. Boring, but Effective

Greg recently posted an article to his Perspectives newsletter about Contact Sheets these are hugely boring and tedious bits of fluff to setup within an organisation, or for making available to clients. But I can tell you something, when I was dealing with software vendors in the Bank I would have shed blood to have a relaible list of who to contact within the suppliers organisation. We are not talking about $100 software here but stuff that was into big numbers and it was hugely difficult to find the number for the right person.

Generally, we would end up calling our sales representative to have them provide the contact required, sometimes they would not even be able to do that as internally the infromation was also difficult to find. Of course the sales guy might take a while to fish out too depending on where he was at the time.

Contact sheets … a terror to create/maintain but a valuable tool that can set apart the real busniess stars from the hohumdrummers!