Apple, oranges, no Apples

Well if you have read my previous posts I have never been an apple fan. From TRS-80 I went to IBM-PC clones mainly self built. I have cobbled together some pretty epic systems (when running Prophet BBS) that had untold of storage capacity for those days … something like 36 CD’s online, terabyte storage with a Novel server 12 lines really hot stuff.

Again you will know that I chucked in RBR and JLogica to help Greg with his project Channelpace which went live as an invite system last week. He started me off with a macbook-pro to do the stuff I need, after fart arsing around with won doze for all these years it was a real eye opener, all of those things that I used to need to do to keep my system running … GONE, want an application if it is in the Apple AppStore click and it is there ready to use. All this stuff about the new Windoze well .. geez .. where have all you people been?

I am in the process of totally removing everything windoze based, Helen has an iMac now and she loves it too .. bye bye fugging around half the day making the poota do what yah want, sure an Apple costs more to buy, no doubt about the Apple Tax! but once you have it running Windoze looks like a nightmare! All within a Unix wrapper WOW!

Yes WOW!


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  • Greg (chute_pilot)
    04 Feb 2013

    Count me as another guy who has never been an Apple fan. My first computer was a TRS-80 too, and I stuck with DOS and Windows ever since, with some experimentation with Unix and Linux. My smartphone is Android-based.
    We updated my wife’s cell phone last month, and she chose an iPhone 4S. I wasn’t thrilled about her choice, but it was her decision, after all. Since it was her first smartphone, I have been heavily involved in helping her get things set up and teaching her how to use it. I was surprised to find myself liking it a lot! It’s simple to learn, seems to be organized in a logical manner, and it has me thinking about the choices I’ve made in the past. I’m not quite ready to dump everything Windows, but I am much more open-minded about Apple.