The killer chooks

We have a bit of a menagerie on our property. Lets see what's the list;

  • Chooks (chickens to you non-Australians)
  • Goldfish
  • Budgie (male Budgerigar) named ‘Probie'
  • Green Cheeked Conures
    • Ralph the first male
    • Thelma (dead) the first female
    • 2x bachelor males
    • Spike (female) inside with Probie as the males keep trying to kill her
  • Barney (trouble) Basenji / Jack Russel Cross (rescue dog family did not trust him after kid caused him to bite)
  • Lucy (Lucretica) beagle from the RSPCA (rescue dog)
  • Oscar (drooly) Kelpie (rescue as they were going to shoot him because he wouldn't work)

I will try and update our gallery with pictures of the mob over the weekend. Anyway over the last few years we have kept our number of chooks between 4-6 to give us plenty of eggs for ourselves, any extras we give away, but ever since our first lot ‘Itchy', ‘Scratchy', ‘Grumpy' & ‘Sneezy' we have always seemed to have had a bunch of fiesty chickens. Well today has been pretty hot, and when we let them out in the morning there was not a lot of ‘pick' for them so I gave them some left over bread this morning, they were still clucking around the front door in the afternoon so I threw them out some extra bread in the afternoon (under the big she oak we have), Normally I make sure all of the dogs are inside before I give them their bread as the three of the just can't resist snacking on the chooks bread. Well I chucked the bread out and the chooks were happily pecking away when Barney turned up to snaffle some bread (he was starving of course) well the five choks we currently have attacked him he took off like the devil himself was after him and they kept after him all around the house. I had to call him inside and the chooks were still in a murderous mood it took them almost five minutes before they would eat, rather than guard, their bread.

gee being in the country is fun!