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Razorback on iOS


The creators of Razorback Railway are not receiving a single cent for this new release of "Razorback on iOS"

R’U’OK Day


Today is R’U’Okay day … it is a wonderful idea I suppose but as someone who has struggled with serious depression for most of my life it just seems like another feel good rather than anything meaningful. Seriously … although I have been reasonably ‘stable’ for about 5 years...

Site setup


You will have noticed that the work-in-progress coding has been removed and that it is all back to a straight WordPress site. Simply it was taking too long, wasn’t going to be finished in any foreseeable time frame and was just too hard. No doubt there are some bits...

iDraw & The Lego Movie


Well just for fun I bought the DVD of The Lego Movie  it was very funny, with so many puns in it I am not sure how they fit them all in though at times there were three active at a time which I think is pretty much a...

Hobbit :: Battle of the three armies


Helen & I went to watch the latest Lord of the Rings move .. the third of the ‘Hobbit’ series, in 3D no less as I was watching I just could not help but compare the 3D effects with Trainz. It is a sad litany when watching a movie...

Security and the Internet

Look out you are being watched, or worse

I am not one for running around like a headless chook at the first sound of a threat on the internet or a virus,  trojan et al. Butt I am seriously concerned about something that has been around for a while but with some other happenings seems to be...

Fuel Prices


Given that Mr Rabbit & his merry crew are upping the price of fuel excise and udder stuff and I saw a complaint form someone in the USA about high fuel prices and thought that I should do some comparisons on the price of fuel. The price that is...

This is not RBR

It seems some people have a mistaken view of what this site “Jenolan’s CESS” is all about. This is my personal site where posts are made about things that interest me, jokes, you tube videos, news about happenings and so forth. It is not a substitute for RBR as...

GitHub Analysis

Just a fun summary of me using GitHub … note it doesn’t include what I do for ChannelPace though.  

Kiva Lending and Borrower Interest

A bit has been said around the traps at how unclean Kiva loans are as the lender charges interest to the borrower on money that is provided for ‘free’, the quote was something like “They are charging 30% interest on money provided interest free”. Now taken at face value...