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Razorback on iOS


The creators of Razorback Railway are not receiving a single cent for this new release of "Razorback on iOS"

Trainz TS2 and whatever

Why did you leave Trainz Auran/N3V/whatever have always been more concerned with the graphical environment rather than the driving elements. Most people do not want to design the train graphics and other 3d models they want to drive them, which means that driving and the simulation is the primary...

Auran … Trainz … Kickstarter

Auran wot wuz Trainz

Some questions have been asked regarding the Kickstarter project that Auran has announced for the new series of Trainz. If you look at what it is they are going to deliver you will notice that, once again, they are totally immersed in the graphical side of the simulator without...

The new LTUAE

Well today I renamed deleted my Kiva group to Jenolan and made the images all relate to Helen and myself. That’s about the last bit of RBR that was still ‘alive’. The name registration and trademarks are also due to expire so soon RBR will totally cease to exist....

Trainz, Auran, N3V Games and the why

Background RBR made Murchison County 2 keys available at a discounted rate to Crew, with the shut down I asked the MC2 author whether he would be able to refund me for the unsold (ie unissued, virgin, clean) keys. He responded that he would have to ‘ask Auran’ the...