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Coding is what defines me, especially when it doesn't… also.

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This is not Jenolan Caves, we use the Jenolan name because we love the Jenolan, Abercrombie, Wombeyan, & Yarrangobilly caves.

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    • This means you will be driving a passenger train.

      Departing Kalandra and around the West Loop via Ashburn

      Picking up passengers as you go.

      The Time Table appears on the slides depending weather you are driving DCC or CAB.

      Try and keep to the Time Table as much as possible.

      There are no prizes for keeping to it and no punishment if you don't.

      Just do the best you can.

      All signals and junctions will be operated for you.

      Running a RED will lead to instant dismissal.

      Have fun.

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    • Climb aboard your locos and make up your train. Drive to Snake Gully Coal and load the wagons. Pick up the other two rakes of coal. Work your way to Tyrrell Dairy Coal Siding. Uncouple the coal and then work your way over to Tyrrell Dairy and pick up the two rakes of casein.

      Then it's home to Ashburn and shut down the locos.

      All signals and junctions will be set for you.

      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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    • Hope you are bright eyed and bushy tailed today because we are off to the market with a load of apples. So drive your locos and pick up the flat wagons and empty ore wagons and head for Willow Apples. Place the empty flats and clear the loaded apples. On to Ashburn and drop off the empty ore wagons. Take the apples to the McIntyre Market and unload. Place the empty wagons in the McIntyre Yard and put the locos away.

      That's it.

      Have a nice day.

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    • Man your Empty Ore train at Ashburn. Drive to Roxby Ore and load the wagons. After checking the wagons are correctly loaded, wend your way to Port Tyrrell Ore dock Unload and after checking that all wagons are empty, shunt them into the Dock yard. Drive the locos to Port Tyrrell for overnight refueling.

      That's all there is to it. Tomorrow is another day, so have a good nights rest.

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    • Add the containers, in the next road, to your train. Wait for the brake test and then depart, as signals permit, for Cudgee Power Station. Uncouple and unload 10 wagons of coal.

      On to Patterson and uncouple the container wagons at the Container Terminal. Unload the 2 remaining coal wagons at the Patterson loco and leave all the empties clear in the siding.

      Take the 2 locos to the Roundhouse, separate and stable them, as usual you have to manually uncouple the right amount of wagons at each location otherwise the signal will not come off.

      BTW. Don't forget to set the handbrake before you uncouple or you may find the rear end of the train is not where you left it.


      All signals and junctions will be set for you.


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Dogs are people too
Dogs are people too
A friend forever not for XMas

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LOC58 :: Diesel for Jindowee

The factory at Jindowee is almost out of diesel, so your job today is to pick up the loaded diesel wagons at Ashburn and deliver them to Jindowee.
Once you are there you can pick up a spare loco and bring the wagons loaded with general goods back to Ashburn.
Sorry about the weather
All signals and junctions will be set for you.
Have a good day.

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