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Coding is what defines me, especially when it doesn't… also.

Jenolan Caves

This is not Jenolan Caves, we use the Jenolan name because we love the Jenolan, Abercrombie, Wombeyan, & Yarrangobilly caves.

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    • Drive the locos forward then attach them to the grain train that is in #1 road. When you are attached drive out on the DOWN line until stopped. When you have the signal, proceed to Freidman on the UP line. Pick up loaded wagons from Tallygaroopna, left by the Log Train. Drive the train to Hunter and shunt the wagons into the yard. Uncouple and stable the locos.

      The rest of the night is yours.


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    • Today you are the relief crew that just arrived on the Redhen and have now taken over on the locos in the other platform.

      Your job today will be to supply and place empty grain wagons at the Tallygaroopna Silo. Supply and place empty grain wagons at the Altona Silo clear the loaded wagons from there. Stop at Altona platform 1, where you will be relieved. Be careful placing wagons at Tallygaroopna Silo as there isn't much room.

      All junctions will be set for you.

      Running a RED signal or speeding could lead to the sack.

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    • Man your train at Port Hunter and drive to Freidman where you will be relieved. Simple enough until you get mixed up with suburban traffic. Just follow the directions and you will be OK. As usual all junctions will be set for you.  Running a RED signal or speeding could lead to the sack.

      Have a good day and keep the funnel in the five foot.

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    • Take over the train at Columbia and drive to Goodman Lactose. Leave the milk wagons on the running line for the local pilot to place. Pick up the louver wagons and work your way to Port Hunter Yard. Uncouple the louver wagons and place the loco in the loco depot. Shut the loco down and knock off.

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    • Climb aboard your loco. Take it to the turntable and reverse it.  Then drive it to the other end of the yard and couple up to the loaded milk wagons When it is your turn, depart for Glenavy. Pick up some empty wagons for Freidman Forest and then depart for Aversleigh

      Wait for the Red Hen to depart and then head for Freidman. Push the log wagons into the Forest road. They will be picked up later by the Forest Pilot . Recouple to the other end of the milk wagons . Head for Columbia where you can shut down the loco and knock off. A relief crew will be along about 30mins after you leave the loco to take the train onward.

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Road to freedom
Road to freedom
Oh crap

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LOC58 :: Diesel for Jindowee

The factory at Jindowee is almost out of diesel, so your job today is to pick up the loaded diesel wagons at Ashburn and deliver them to Jindowee.
Once you are there you can pick up a spare loco and bring the wagons loaded with general goods back to Ashburn.
Sorry about the weather
All signals and junctions will be set for you.
Have a good day.

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