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Razorback on iOS


The creators of Razorback Railway are not receiving a single cent for this new release of "Razorback on iOS"

LOC52 :: Moving the Harvest Part II

LOC52 Moving the Harvest Part II

Today you are the relief crew that just arrived on the Redhen and have now taken over on the locos in the other platform. Your job today will be to supply and place empty grain wagons at the Tallygaroopna Silo. Supply and place empty grain wagons at the Altona...

LOC51 :: Moving the Harvest Part I


Man your train at Port Hunter and drive to Freidman where you will be relieved. Simple enough until you get mixed up with suburban traffic. Just follow the directions and you will be OK. As usual all junctions will be set for you.  Running a RED signal or speeding...

LOC49 :: Milk & Lactose Part I


Climb aboard your loco. Take it to the turntable and reverse it.  Then drive it to the other end of the yard and couple up to the loaded milk wagons When it is your turn, depart for Glenavy. Pick up some empty wagons for Freidman Forest and then depart...

RBR defunct


Well I waited for T:ANE to be sure, it totally did not excite me, as far as I can see it is pretty much just TS12 with a new game engine. Writing RBR style Activities in it would be ted-i-arse in the extreme and writing a compiler for it...

F-unit Crosses the Union Pacific Main Line

F-unit Crosses the Union Pacific Main Line


LOC48 :: Coal for the Norris Green Dairy


The  Dairy at Norris Green is desperately short of coal. Your job for today is  to remedy  that problem by supplying a train load of coal. Pick up the empties at Altona and take them to Goldex Mine. Load them, loading will be checked,  complete your load with other...

LOC47 :: Freighter


Man the Loco that has just arrived on the Commissioners Train. Wait for the uncouple and then couple to the other loco in the shed beyond the T/Table, Shunt and pick up the empty chip wagons, sleeper wagons and the rail wagons. Drive to Carringbrooke Lumber and load the...

Redneck rail car

Redneck rail car

LOC46 :: The Run to Ridgley


Good evening driver This evening you will drive a train from Kalandra and drive to Ridgley. Stopping all stations While the passengers disembark & the cars are serviced, turn the loco on the turntable. Next reverse the train cars into # 1 Platform Then you can knock off for...