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Helicopter Trip

Helicopter Trip

Helicopter flight over Warragamba dam

Vale Mr Cricket

Well it is with sadness that I heard this morning that Richie Benaud has passed away, never had the pleasure of seeing him play as I am way too young but to me he was always the voice of cricket. Since he has been unable to commentate it has...

Vale Herbie

Just been told that ‘erbie passed away on the 28th February very sad to hear that an old friend has gone to the big train station in the sky. Herbie was always a joy to talk to and could be relied on for a funny quip and lots of...

New Server :: SoftLayer :: Melbourne


Under the SoftLayer Catalyst program we have access to some nifty hardware, this is obviously for ChannelPace. But my sites are hosted on the ChannelPace hardware, so for the first time we are now hosted in Australia at the Melbourne SoftLayer data centre. You should notice it is quicker...

Status Page


Thanks to Heroku  and Cachet I have setup a status page for all of my stuff (ie sites, & the server). It will have any downtime etc and where I am at fixing same.  You should bookmark the Status Link which is also shown in the top menu it...

Eye Lasered


Had a fun day trip yesterday, the replacement lens in my right eye had started to fog over so that seeing was starting to be affected. Took three months to get to see the specialist and a few hours of tests, drops and stuff then the laser. Bit sore,...

ChannelPace mentioned on SoftLayer Blog


As you probably know I have been helping Greg Furlong (the creator of Razorback Railway) with his latest project called ChannelPace … SoftLayer a company owned by IBM that provides large scale web servers has just posted in their blog about it .. Click here to read.    

Hobbit :: Battle of the three armies


Helen & I went to watch the latest Lord of the Rings move .. the third of the ‘Hobbit’ series, in 3D no less as I was watching I just could not help but compare the 3D effects with Trainz. It is a sad litany when watching a movie...

Security and the Internet

Look out you are being watched, or worse

I am not one for running around like a headless chook at the first sound of a threat on the internet or a virus,  trojan et al. Butt I am seriously concerned about something that has been around for a while but with some other happenings seems to be...



From Oberon Shire SNOW EVENT 18/7 – UPDATE #1There have been snowfalls in the Region and the major roads have been inspected. All major roads have been CLOSED until further notice.  We are snowed in … went up the mountain to see if Helen could go to work (and...