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LOC50 :: Milk & Lactose Part II


Take over the train at Columbia and drive to Goodman Lactose. Leave the milk wagons on the running line for the local pilot to place. Pick up the louver wagons and work your way to Port Hunter Yard. Uncouple the louver wagons and place the loco in the loco...

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You will have noticed that the work-in-progress coding has been removed and that it is all back to a straight WordPress site. Simply it was taking too long, wasn’t going to be finished in any foreseeable time frame and was just too hard. No doubt there are some bits...



For all that they did, and for all they were never able to do, we remember. #LestWeForget Kevin Andrews at Villers-Bretonneux, France on this day.  

I am an expert

I am an expert

LOC27 :: Cattle Run

Cattle Run

Climb aboard the loco and proceed to Tarrenlea Cattle Siding. Make up the train and load the wagons.  The cattle wagons, 18 of them, will be checked. Drive the train to Terry’s Livestock and unload. The wagons will again be checked. Shunt the train and put it away in...



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