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Coding is what defines me, especially when it doesn't… also.

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This is not Jenolan Caves, we use the Jenolan name because we love the Jenolan, Abercrombie, Wombeyan, & Yarrangobilly caves.

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  • 2014-12-26

    •  Jenolan

      I weakened and bought T:ANE for Mac .. I do not have any Windoze boxes, my last license went to Norm so what I am going to do is totally ignore the 'Community Edition' when I receive my DVD for the T:ANE/Mac I will load it. If I like it I may write some code, if I don't like it it will go into the bin and I will never bother with Trainz ever again.

      If (big if!) it seems nice I might tinker with it ... I doubt hugely that I will try and resurrect the Living Railway or RazorBack simply because I can't see devoting the mega quantities of time to put stuff together. I notice that they reckon the old initial scenario layout is back all tarted up.... If it is and it works I might write some test stuff BUTT I am already hugely overloaded and have been quite a bit insane lately so do not expect anything.

      Well .. unless this T:ANE thing feels like TRS2004 then all bets are off

    •  Jenolan

      I am not one for running around like a headless chook at the first sound of a threat on the internet or a virus,  trojan et al.

      Butt I am seriously concerned about something that has been around for a while but with some other happenings seems to be something to take more seriously. That is malware (or spyware) being inserted into traffic and then been loaded into your browser by third parties. Given that browsers and operating system are just as likely to have large security holes that allow things to happen it is not inconceivable that by inserting some JavaScript, Flash or other assets into a data stream that you would find your system infected with a number of nasty widgets.

      Unfortunately it would seem that the US NSA is already doing this and if they can do it then any government can/will and it is not a stretch then for organised crime to infiltrate a main data centre and also inject traffic into information that you are downloading from a totally different site. See the article at IT News Australia or just do a few google searches if you understand the way the internet works even a little you will have your breath taken away!

      Ultimately, the message is clear: nobody, not businesses, governments, or individual users should ever use non-encrypted communications over the internet for any purpose be it web browsing, service or social media logins or webmail.

      Read more: IT News Australia

      Now, I hear the bloke up the back say that browser are 'sandboxed' from your main system and that the risk is really slight. Well let's have a think.

      1. You could be downloading some software from a trusted source for installation the file could be modified and/or replaced without you knowing.
      2. Using security holes (nah there aint any of them are there!) your browsers behaviour could be changed so that private information is sniffed by the people wanting to know these things
      3. Information could be easily planted onto your computer that could make you out to be a criminal, paedophile files could be placed into your browser history easily which could then be discovered by a search warrant.
      4. Your credit card numbers, including pins, CCV etc easily sniffed
      5. Passwords .. well you do know that they go up to the remote in plain text by default huh

      So for my sites I have purchased SSL certificates so that all communication is secure to/from Jenolan. Standard SSL certificates are now pretty cheap (try SSLS) from now on if a site aint secure you should think about telling them to wake up or don't visit them! Watch yah back.

  • 2014-07-18

    •  Jenolan
      From Oberon Shire
      SNOW EVENT 18/7 - UPDATE #1
      There have been snowfalls in the Region and the major roads have been inspected. All major roads have been CLOSED until further notice. 

      We are snowed in ... went up the mountain to see if Helen could go to work (and Pamela uni) but it is far too dangerous. Put another log on the fire!