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Larry (Jenolan) Lewis

Coding is what defines me, especially when it doesn't… also.

Jenolan Caves

This is not Jenolan Caves, we use the Jenolan name because we love the Jenolan, Abercrombie, Wombeyan, & Yarrangobilly caves.

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    •  Jenolan

      Must just be getting older and grumpier...

      Round abouts nice in theory but people just seem to not get that if they have not crossed the dotted line they are required to give way, whether the other vehicle is on the left, right or where ever they have to stop.

      The number of times that I have reached a round-about slowed to be safe, crossed the line and a car coming from the right just blows into the intersection assuming that I will stop for them is beyond count. Their mindset seems to be that they have the right of way regardless of what anyone else is doing, I have had people blow their horns and start mini-road rage incidents when I have already been fully on the intersection and they have just charged up and expect everyone to get out of their way ... morons.

    •  Jenolan

      Due to our health deteriorating we are having to leave our farm and move into Bathurst. Not looking forward to being in the middle of other people, though where we have purchased there are neighbours both side and at the rear but the front houses are further down the hill and hence not so visible.

      We supposedly have a view to Mt Panorama, well yeah we can see the mountain but right below us is Bathurst Gaol. There is a nice bit of park not far away so that we will be able to take Oscar for good walks, he is starting to slow down a bit but he will still be missing being a free man to a city woof.

      Before we move in the place needs to have some work done to make is safe for Helen's asthma and it does need external painting and re-guttering and so forth. We are having to take a mortgage so being in debt again is not pleasant, though depending on the buy/sell final calculations and how much we need for renovations it might not be a huge amount, let's hope!

      In case you are wondering, we decided on Bathurst even though it was more expensive as Helen works part time there and there is the 'Bathurst Bullet' which takes you into Sydney, soon to be twice daily plus the XPT. There was a really nice place in Oberon we were considering but then we would still be travelling and pets would have been an issue.

      Hope everyone is well, we are still mourning Lucy.

  • 2019-06-13
    Lucy RIP

    •  Jenolan

      We lost our lovely Lucy today, she took a turn on Sunday night and it works out that she had a brain tumor, nothing for us to do but say goodbye. Got one more cuddle before she went away to go play with our other lost friends.

      Miss you lots

    •  Jenolan

      Helen was sixty today so I took her out to the Mayfield Gardens we had lunch and a walk around the public part of the gardens, the rest is only open on special days. It was quite pleasant and we wondered how they manage to maintain such a large garden (about 120ha) when we have enough trouble with our small vegetable plot.

      No pictures of food, but lunch was pleasant, a few from our ramble.

      Happy birthday Helen

      Something that wasn't in autumn mode Lilly Pond Lilly Pond Nice red tree There's Helen Copper Tree The Edge of Forever Waterfall Statue in grotto Gallery Bridge Helen with nice flowers
  • 2019-02-24
    Fix it!

    •  Jenolan

      This is not a whinge session, just an update on living in the bush.

      The storms that arrived during February were quite something, next door a lightning strike took out their transformer. Multiple days we were without power, the phone was off more than it was on and is still faulty.

      Power wise, I bought a new generator big beastie a few months ago as Edison's has a special 50% off then PayPal offered 20% off the price so I stumped up the $1,000 odd so that we had enough grunt to keep the fridge and freezers going. Without that we would have lost all of our farm meat, kill a sheep style. So saved there, also we had one that hit really close, it took everything out and also fried the TV system antenna, booster, power, cabling was all kablooied changed all that and still no boob tube so had to get the guy to come out, easy with his magical level detector the new antenna needed to be pointed a bit differently than the old one.

      The weather station also lost its mind and at the same time my computer and the server had a joint drop of the guts ... most of my coding stuff was scrambled, was able to recover the program code itself but the server data was not recoverable, oh well that's what happens with electronics from time to time.

      Building a new server, bought an old refurbished HP Z400 workstation, removed the HDD and just installed two SSD drives for it to replace the old Dell server that was not worth fixing, it will do the weather station and also run the local development web stuff I still like to tinker with from time to time.

      Anyway summer is almost done, winter is coming.