RBR Activities

Listed below are the Activities published after the RBR shutdown, most are not on the Compendium DVD, all are for TRS2004 & TRS2006

Please report any missing ones.

Thanks Norm!

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  • clementine
    16 Feb 2017

    Thanks for the info gentlemen. Will try it out.


  • nightmail
    30 Aug 2014

    It ha been a long long time since I blew the dust off RBR and after major surgery that has taken 18 months to get over this 70 year old brain is struggling. I don’t want to plough on regardless so I am looking for a bit os assistance please. I have TS 2004, 2010 and 2012 – which do I need to install to be able to run all the RBR scenarios. The one thing I am confident about is that I have all the files I need as I don’t throw anything away but that is all I am confident about and I don’t want to plough on regardless.
    Thanks fo any assistance.

  • tedgeorge
    23 Jun 2014

    thanks Norm for Black Gold Pt 2, just great, also for the schematics, very good, glad to have those back, will run Black Gold 2 later.
    All the Best

  • AGLO
    20 Jun 2014

    Thanks NORM,, for the new scenarios Loc37 and Loc38, nice work and congrats!
    greetings from Belgium rob.

  • shenley
    20 Jun 2014

    Dear Teraff,
    Send me your email address and I will send you both the Classic and Dual maps.
    Peter (shenley)

  • teraff
    19 Jun 2014

    I am trying to find a color map for Razorback Railway Classic.
    Can you help?

  • locoone
    02 Apr 2014

    Looks OK to me .
    Thanks Larry

  • shenley
    02 Apr 2014

    Yes, indeed. Many thanks, Norm and, also, Larry.

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