1 thought on “Site Updating

  1. As maintaining a bespoke web site was not of much use now that RBR is dead I have loaded WordPress (with aMember as the member managment component).

    I will be reloading the content from the my code progressively, the RBR files and Norm’s Activities will re-appear in due course.

    Once things are working will try and see if I can be excited to cook up something that may be of interest, will not be Trainz, was looking at doing some schedules in Train Director but they withdrew support for MacOS (and Linux) leaving only WinDoze anyway I am trying to get over the funk of having to move into town. Hope you are all well and safe from this nasty bug, look forward to seeing you on the revised Jenolan’s CESS.

    Best Regards,
    Larry & Helen

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