Razorback on iOS

It has come to my attention that a certain organisation is touting selling ‘Razorback for iOS' and charging for access to the route. Neither Greg nor myself have been contacted about this regardless of the fact that the Razorback name and images have trademark protection (soon to expire) and that a large proportion of the content is either owned by Greg or myself.

It is especially bemusing considering they yak on about Activities, when we tried, many times to be able to build activity packs we were always poo poo'd that we didn't understand the market, we both knew from the start that creating driver experience was the key to real penetration/income as there are thousands of people who would like to have a drive and only very few that want to make things.

The creators of Razorback Railway are not receiving a single cent for this ‘New Release'

Hohum, going down the gully for the obligatory scream session.