Trainz TS2 and whatever

Why did you leave Trainz

Auran/N3V/whatever have always been more concerned with the graphical environment rather than the driving elements. Most people do not want to design the train graphics and other 3d models they want to drive them, which means that driving and the simulation is the primary way to acquire new people to Trainz. Greg Furlong and myself have harped on this for years to the people behind the scenes but they really don’t get it … there are more people (hugely) who want to play Trainz than there ever would be for the people wanting to do the 3d stuff.

What works now

  • TS12 .. Nothing
  • TRS2004/TRS2006 the RBR Classic & Dual using the old compiler that only Norm is now creating activities

Would you ever come back to Trainz Doubtful, for me to want to invest the amount of time that went into the aborted TS12 support, after the debacle TRS2006 support, I think I would want to own the franchise before committing any more effort. Huh? Would you buy the franchise? Given the right circumstances, if I had enough dosh … maybe. TS2, TS12, TRS2006 & TRS2004 TRS2004 is the last version of Trainz so far as I am concerned. Do you drive? Nope … do not have a Windoze box any longer totally Mac and Linux and not going back. I never liked WinDoze as I personally told Bill one of the times we met. Future

It is doubtful, at the extreme, that I would ever come back. It is unlikely, also at the extreme, that I would ever be able to generate the amount of money necessary to acquire the franchise and given the experience of 10 years of Trainz'ing that's the only way I would consider myself ‘back in'.