This is not RBR

It seems some people have a mistaken view of what this site “Jenolan's CESS” is all about.

This is my personal site where posts are made about things that interest me, jokes, you tube videos, news about happenings and so forth. It is not a substitute for RBR as far as I am concerned Trainz & RBR are no more. There is simply no way I am going to waste any more of my time on trying to build a decent Activity system with a totally  broken development environment. Time and again Auran have shown that they are only interested in the pretty pretty side of things and are not serious about providing an API to allow for story based scenarios, which I believe is where the real sales would start.

I have created a page for Norm to share his creations on the system, the Compendium DVD is available for people who want it but that's the limit of what will be done.

Complaining about the content that I post on my personal site .. sheez