LOC32 :: Coal and Casein

Climb aboard your locos and make up your train.  Drive to Snake Gully Coal and load the wagons. Pick up the other two rakes of coal. Work your way to Tyrrell Dairy Coal Siding. Uncouple the coal and then work your way over to Tyrrell Dairy and pick up the two rakes of casein.

Then it’s home to Ashburn and shut down the locos.

All signals and junctions will be set for you.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Download CDP Version

Download EXE Version


1 Comment

  • malw
    25 Dec 2013

    Nice one Mr. Claus ! You must be one of the ‘Good GUYS’ (pun intended) What a woderful way to start a Xmas Day, playing one of your sensational Scenarios. By the way, you caught me ! Put the whole consist into the dirt on the first run. Will try again after Lunch, perhaps Mr. Toohey will be able to advise me how to negotiate the ‘hard bits’ and will be ‘on track’ on the second attempt. Merry Xmas and thanks! Cheers Mal.