The new LTUAE

Well today I renamed deleted my Kiva group to Jenolan and made the images all relate to Helen and myself. That's about the last bit of RBR that was still ‘alive'. The name registration and trademarks are also due to expire so soon RBR will totally cease to exist. In my mind I had thought that maybe I would consider doing something with Trainz writing some sessions but as I am now 100% Apple I can't see myself loading Trainz on a machine that will just run that alone, let alone my interest was always doing coding and The Living Railway style of thing Trainz just doesn't excite me at all any more.

I had toyed with the idea/dream that if Channelpace really flies that I could buy the Trainz franchise or at least have a RBR version but for that amount of money I could help finish the tourist railway between Oberon & Tarana and run real Redhens. Unless something really radical happens I have permanently turned my back on Trainz and will never come back, it simply would have to be fun again for me to even give it a passing fart bubble.

Channelpace is still taking all of my waking hours, and will for quite a while to come, Greg is raising second round funding for the project which is where I may see myself in the position of having a serious income for the first time in many years dunno what that will garner for what we do, initially it would be mainly paying back the loans then build some dosh in reserve. The only thing we would like is to get a FJ Cruiser (Toyota) so that we can do our bush explorations but that will not be for quite a while even if everything works out in spades. What I am looking at doing is tinkering with a system that I have used a bit (cmsBuilder) when I need reality breaks from CP.

Anyway I hope everyone is well and the light at the end of the tunnel is never a rogue train.