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The Dinner Party

A couple, hosting a dinner party, were interrupted when the maid called the hostess to the kitchen. “Ma’am, the cat climbed up on the kitchen counter and ate the middle of the salmon.” Light on her feet, the hostess told her to replace the missing portion with canned salmon,...

RBR Classic File in TS12

Please note, if you want to use LocoOne’s add-on to the RBR layout you should download it form the DLS. The file in the DVD Compendium may or may not work. Please do not hassle me about it the DLS is the authoriative version.  

TS12 Compendium

I have been told that the TS12 files are not on the current DVD. I have just forced TrepStar to reload the disk image and I will see if that solves the missing files. Please note that the menu does not have TS12 it is simply a directory that...

The killer chooks

We have a bit of a menagerie on our property. Lets see what’s the list; Chooks (chickens to you non-Australians) Goldfish Budgie (male Budgerigar) named ‘Probie’ Green Cheeked Conures Ralph the first male Thelma (dead) the first female 2x bachelor males Spike (female) inside with Probie as the males keep...