RBR & JLogica Shutdowns

It has been a few days since I announced that Razorback Railway & JLogica (as an ipBoard add-on creator) would shut down in January 2013. Although happenings with the ipBoard community triggered the events that are now unfolding, RBR has been limping along now for quite a while, some would say since the release of TRS2006. RBR has not been viable for over five years I hung on that long on the promise of TS12 which has now been out for two years and seems to now be pretty much abandoned by Auran (update wise at least) the new Activity system although the result of a huge amount of coding effort it simply is not up to the standard that I expect from an RBR creation and as far as I can see that will never change.

With all of the aggravation from the ipBoard community it just seemed that the decks should be cleared and so it is all going away. not without a lot of regrets but we must move onward! By shutting down the two systems I will go back to a reseller shared hosting setup which will save me at least $200 a month, so the money inbound from various JLogica stuff will be ameliorated by the reduction in expenses. For the next few months I will still be busy helping Greg with his sooper dooper project once that's done I will have a look at what should happen next with my coding projects.

One long shot is that I can get some keys for TRS2004 and we could play Trainz in the best version there ever was… Don't hold your breath though it is unlikely to come to pass. What I will probably do is look at doing some coding for applications (web based) that have been on my list of thing for years now. Whether that ends up productive or I just tinker and play will be fine.

Thanks to all of the people who have had a hand in RBR developers, helpers and drivers you all made RBR a fun place to be, where we could all drive Trains!