Moving to the Dark Side of the Force

RBR was about the only thing that kept me running a WinDoze box. The history is a bit of fun, if you are a tech head like me, my first personal computer was a TRS-80 Model I (16k) it was a nice piece of kit for the day, when the Apple came out and later the IBM-PC there was no way known I would move from my trusty, then, TRS-80 Model IV. Eventually though my BBS needed more lines, more grunt and so on and I swapped over to custom made (ie by me) machines. Had a huge Novel server, a home brew multi-stacker CD system that had about 24 disks available. When the Mac's came out it was no way I am paying that much for a second rate computer.

Well there is no doubt that Apple are still expensive, but they have one huge thing going for them. They just work, ChannelPace just bought me a Macbook Pro I plugged it in entered about two bits of information told it to import my iMac stuff and that was it all done in about a minute. Compare that to having a new Windoze box arrive it takes more than a minute for them to boot usually.

I still have a swag of stuff that only runs on WinDoze but I am sure that now I am totally converted to the dark side I will find comparable utilities and eventually the MS stuff will be shut down. Oh of course should I mention that generally any application is also so simple to install? The other thing that really makes things easy is that all of the machines, like the iPad, share contacts and other information without me needing to worry about it … do you think I might start talking like Darth Vader!