Jane Was Ugly

Jane was ugly — so ugly, it hurt.

Having never had a boyfriend, she asked a psychic for help.

The psychic said, “Jane, you will not be lucky in love in this lifetime, but, you will be reincarnated and then you will be Earth's most desirable woman. Men will fall at your feet. And you will find great joy.”

Jane left happy and excited. On her way home, going over a bridge, she thought, “The sooner I die, the sooner my great new life will begin.”

So she stopped her car right there and jumped off the bridge. Incredibly, she didn't die! She landed in the back of an open truck loaded with bananas, but she did faint.

After riding a few miles, she came to, drowsy, unable to see well, not knowing where she was, and started feeling her surroundings.

Feeling all those bananas, she laughed and said, “Gentlemen, please. One at a time!”