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LOC39 :: The Oilfields Tour

LOC39 :: The Oilfields Tour

Today you are running a tourist trip to Gabledon Refinery and Cudgee Oil. Assemble your train in Altona yard. Pick up the tourists on No. 2 platform. Then onto Gabledon Refinery and Cudgee Oil and back to Altona You will not be stopping for passengers at any stations along...

LOC38 :: Black Gold Part II

LOC38 :: Black Gold Part II

The refinery at Gabledon is running out of crude oil  so your job today is to collect crude from Cudgee oil  and take it to Gabledon Refinery and unload there. You can then return to Altona and after putting  the train into the yard and stabling the locos,  you...

LOC37 :: Black Gold Part I

LOC37 Black Gold

It’s a cold, wet day but the work still has to be done. So climb aboard your loco and couple up to the train in the next road, then set back to take the empty coal wagons off. Then it’s over to the siding and pick up some extra...

Trainz TS2 and whatever

Why did you leave Trainz Auran/N3V/whatever have always been more concerned with the graphical environment rather than the driving elements. Most people do not want to design the train graphics and other 3d models they want to drive them, which means that driving and the simulation is the primary...

LOC36 :: Home to Hunter

LOC36 Home to Hunter

Today you are going to be the relief driver that relieved you in LOC34.  Sound complicated ?  Not really. Wait beside the track for the train to arrive.  Change over, add an extra loco and depart Altona.  Work your way to Port Hunter and unload the diesel fuel and...

LOC34 :: Diesel, Cattle & Coal

Make up your train at Altona and drive to Gabledon Refinery. Fill oil tankers up with Diesel, then shunt loaded wagons into siding. On to Ceduna and place the cattle wagons for unloading.  Then to the BMS Colliery and load the coal wagons. Run around the train and head...

RBR Activities on main menu

There is now an option on the main menu to see a list (with links) to the Activities Norm has written (Thanks Norm) since the RBR shutdown, these are not on the Compendium DVD.   All are for TRS2004 and TRS2006 … click here for the page  

LOC33 :: Loop the Loop


Today you are promoted to the position of BIG WHEEL DRIVER This means you will be driving a passenger train. Departing Kalandra and around the West Loop via Ashburn Picking up passengers as you go. The Time Table appears on the slides depending weather you are driving DCC or...

LOC32 :: Coal and Casein

LOC32 :: Coal and Casein

Climb aboard your locos and make up your train.  Drive to Snake Gully Coal and load the wagons. Pick up the other two rakes of coal. Work your way to Tyrrell Dairy Coal Siding. Uncouple the coal and then work your way over to Tyrrell Dairy and pick up...

Idiots in action

Idiots in action