PHP JSON Configuration Loader

After trolling around for quite a while for a reasonable configuration system, ended up cooking my own which is based on JSON (my current favourite data format). PHP Application Configuration Loader (PACL) library is made to enable different configurations depending on the system/environment. For example, your application can have...

LOC34 :: Diesel, Cattle & Coal

Make up your train at Altona and drive to Gabledon Refinery. Fill oil tankers up with Diesel, then shunt loaded wagons into siding. On to Ceduna and place the cattle wagons for unloading.  Then to the BMS Colliery and load the coal wagons. Run around the train and head...

RBR Activities on main menu

There is now an option on the main menu to see a list (with links) to the Activities Norm has written (Thanks Norm) since the RBR shutdown, these are not on the Compendium DVD.   All are for TRS2004 and TRS2006 … click here for the page  

GitHub Analysis

Just a fun summary of me using GitHub … note it doesn’t include what I do for ChannelPace though.  

LOC33 :: Loop the Loop


Today you are promoted to the position of BIG WHEEL DRIVER This means you will be driving a passenger train. Departing Kalandra and around the West Loop via Ashburn Picking up passengers as you go. The Time Table appears on the slides depending weather you are driving DCC or...

Bye Bye Barney Trouble

Bye Bye Barney Trouble

Barney Trouble our Basenji/Foxy cross died this morning. Helen was leaving for work and he got away and chased her up the road, which he often does only problem this time is that he ran under her wheels and was killed instantly. Not Helen’s fault he was a bugger...

Excavator in deep shit

Excavator in deep shit

Kiva Lending and Borrower Interest

A bit has been said around the traps at how unclean Kiva loans are as the lender charges interest to the borrower on money that is provided for ‘free’, the quote was something like “They are charging 30% interest on money provided interest free”. Now taken at face value...