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2nd Person: “A little. What’s wrong?” 1st Person: “Well, I sent a fax, and the recipient called back to say all she received was a cover-sheet and a blank page. I tried it again, and the same thing happened.” 2nd Person: How did you load the sheet?” 1st Person:...


is so advanced, why does it only have a and a ? Without it can’t get anywhere and without it can’t do anything, not to mention the bits for procreation. ]]>

Lawyer in Heaven

“Fifty five?” says Saint Peter. “No, according to out calculations, you’re eighty two.” “How’d you get that?” the lawyer asks. Answers St. Peter: “We added up your time sheets.” ]]>

Depression party

As Marvin would say .. well he did; Now the world has gone to bed Darkness won’t engulf my head I can see by infra-red How I hate the night How I hate the night Now I lay me down to sleep Try to count electric sheep Sweet dream...

Aussie Non-PC Humor

Late Night Lecture

Shopping Early

Snail Mail



The guy replies, “Hey, why not?” He pull his wallet out of his pocket, and one at a time lays three hundred-dollar bills on the bar, and says, slowly: “Paint…my…house.” ]]>

Alligator Ballz

Says to the patrons, “Here’s a deal. I’ll open this alligator’s mouth and place my genitals inside. The gator will close his mouth for one minute, then open it, and I’ll remove my unit unscathed. If it works, everyone buys me drinks.” The crowd agrees. The guy drops his...